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A History of American Comic Books in Six Panels offset print

From matt Madden's site DESCRIPTION This is a lithographic offset print of my single most popular one-page comic. It traces the history of American comics books from Superman to Jimmy Corrigan through a sequence of ironically juxtaposed panels which reference key artists and trends of American comic books in the 20th Century. This image has been heavily shared on Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook, and elsewhere and now you can own a high-quality print of it! This poster was offset printed on 270 g/m2 (100lb) fine-paper stock, rich inks and with vibrant colors plus a solid black, using a gorgeous, and extremely faithful, lithographic Heidelberg press in Porto, Portugal. Each print in this edition of 500 is numbered and signed by the author.

Width (inches): 14
Height (inches): 19
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Madden, Matt
A veteran mini-comics artist, Matt Madden is the creator of the graphic novels Black Candy and Odds Off, as well as the ongoing Alternative Comics series A Fine Mess. He currently teaches at the School of Visual Arts and Yale University while working on his experimental graphic novel, Exercises in Style.

Find out more about Matt and his work at and

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