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The Third Remedy - page 24, panel 3

As part of Chester Brown's process for making comics he will often ink two versions of a given panel and choose one to print. The versions offered for sale here are the alternate drawings, not those that saw print. It is usually difficult to distinguish which version is which, unless you have them side by side. These panels are from a comic Chester did for his Patreon subscribers. The script is from a Carl Barks Donald Duck Story published in Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories 101 (Vol. 9, Num. 5, Feb. 1949), but with the characters replaced with Batman (Donald), Robin (his nephews) and Batgirl (Daisy). A copy of Chester’s comic will be included with the art.

Width (inches): 5.5
Height (inches): 7
The Third Remedy - page 24, panel 3
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Brown, Chester
Chester Brown is the destroyer of minds, hearts and history.Minds with his avant-guarde comedy and first long-work, ED THE HAPPY CLOWN, featuring nothing less than a masturbating giant squid, a man's anus as the portal to another dimension, and a talking-penis head with the face of "beloved" ex-president Ronald Regan. Oh yeah - and a sweet clown and dead vampire girl.Hearts with his autobiographical works, THE PLAYBOY and I NEVER LIKED YOU, which absolutely devastate any reader brave enough to tackle their honest and horrifyingly frank portrayals of teenage neuroses and angst, as well as his gentle and melancholic shorts found in the collection, LITTLE MAN AND OTHER STORIES.History with his lucid but extremely personal biography of Metis rebel leader, LOUIS RIEL. Far from revisionist, this is a deeply moving portrayal of a conflicted but historically important figure in Canada's fractured history. Chester Brown does not sell the original artwork from his comics. He does some commisioned works recreating pages or panels from his comics to satisfy collector demand. The items below fit somewhere in-between.
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