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The Conquest of Heaven - Satan's Merkabah

Image are is 6.75" x 10.25". Created for Martin Olson's Encyclopaedia of Hell. Acrylic Ink on Denril vellum (a translucent polypropylene, 3 mils thick). The entire picture was then sealed with Krylon Acrylic Workable Spray Fixatif. Also includes the pencils on vellum. Satan's Merkabah is from Martin Olson's The Conquest of Heaven, published by Feral House in August, 2021. It's the second volume in a hoped-for trilogy, first volume was the Encyclopaedia of Hell. Martin is a comic genius, and when the guy behind Adventure Time read the Encyclopaedia, he was so smitten by it that he got everyone involved to do the NYT-best selling Adventure Time Encyclopaedia and Enchiridion. Indy publishers like Feral House are several steps ahead of the corporate behemoths that publish most printed matter these days. The picture shows Satan taking a ride through the cosmos in his psychic jalopy, which I've pimped out with an optical illusion, plus literal headlights because literalism is the heart of all evil. His Enferic Majesty is checking out three hitchhiker chicks looking for a ride, an angel, human and demoness. I made Satan look like Jesus in all of Martin's books because beards cover a multitude of drawing sins, plus it freaks out small minds.

Width (inches): 8
Height (inches): 11
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Singh, Mahendra
Mahendra Singh is a freelance illustrator located in Montreal, Quebec. He is best known to comic fans for his work on the Adventure Time related books "The Adventure Time Encyclopedia" and "Adventure Time: The Enchiridion".

Mahendra Singh has a very unique illustration style that closely resembles traditional engraving. His beautiful images are created by using dip pens with English or German nibs onto Denril paper, a special type of vellum which never cracks/stretches/warps. The whole page is then treated with Krylon Spray Fix afterwards to further protect it. All of this combines to create a slightly textured, unique, and truly compelling work of original art.
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