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Firesign Theatre Magic Mushroom Plays - A Shadow Moves Upon a La

Image area 7.5" x 7.5". Image area is 6" x 7". Acrylic Ink on Denril vellum (a translucent polypropylene, 3 mils thick). The entire picture was then sealed with Krylon Acrylic Workable Spray Fixatif. Also includes the pencils on vellum. … this is part of a CD cover/booklet package of 14 pictures, for the Firesign Theatre's re-release (I think) of their Magic Mushroom Plays. The CD drops this Xmas and the tracks are pretty good stuff. The art was a hoot to do, their AD, Taylor Jessen, let me run amuck with some great material. The plays were done live in '68, each is a riff on a particular aspect of American popculture. Shadow is the only serious play of the lot, a chilling and very effective indictment of America's mistreatment of Native Americans. This project was a dream come true, everything came together very well, technically and conceptually. Kicking out the jams with Firesign material, a rare treat in these meager illustrative times.

Width (inches): 11
Height (inches): 8.75
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Singh, Mahendra
Mahendra Singh is a freelance illustrator located in Montreal, Quebec. He is best known to comic fans for his work on the Adventure Time related books "The Adventure Time Encyclopedia" and "Adventure Time: The Enchiridion".

Mahendra Singh has a very unique illustration style that closely resembles traditional engraving. His beautiful images are created by using dip pens with English or German nibs onto Denril paper, a special type of vellum which never cracks/stretches/warps. The whole page is then treated with Krylon Spray Fix afterwards to further protect it. All of this combines to create a slightly textured, unique, and truly compelling work of original art.
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