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Henry's Lesson - King Henry VIII & Prince Edward

From "Hark! A Vagrant" page 156. This strip is formatted to be four panels wide and two panels tall. The original was drawn on two pieces of illustration board and is split down the middle.

Width (inches): 18
Height (inches): 12
Henry\'s Lesson - King Henry VIII & Prince Edward
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Beaton, Kate
KATE BEATON grew up in Nova Scotia, Canada. She earned a bachelor's degree in history and anthropology at Mount Allison University. She presently resides in Brooklyn, New York.

She has primarily published her comics online at the website Hark, A Vagrant! and that material has been collected as the books Never Learn Anything From History (Topatoco), Hark, A Vagrant! (Drawn & Quarterly), and Step Aside, Pops! (Drawn & Quarterly). Her work has also appeared in various publications including The New Yorker and Walrus Magazine.
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