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Celebrate the Best Way

From "Hark! A Vagrant" page 35. Two pages form an eight panel strip. In the published version the text/word balloons were modified in the fifth panel and the eighth panel was completely redrawn.

Width (inches): 9
Height (inches): 12
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Beaton, Kate
KATE BEATON grew up in Nova Scotia, Canada. She earned a bachelor's degree in history and anthropology at Mount Allison University. She presently resides in Brooklyn, New York.

She has primarily published her comics online at the website Hark, A Vagrant! and that material has been collected as the books Never Learn Anything From History (Topatoco), Hark, A Vagrant! (Drawn & Quarterly), and Step Aside, Pops! (Drawn & Quarterly). Her work has also appeared in various publications including The New Yorker and Walrus Magazine.
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